Super charge your intentions!

9 Essential Affirmations


By Isolina Ricci, Ph.D.

Strengthen your best intentions and inner wisdom with affirmations.

We Are Still A Real Family

I assure my children that while our way of being a

family has changed, we are still a real family

I Reassure

I remember to gently reassure my children that I love them and

will always take care of matter what.

I Am Here

I show my children every day that I am always here for them-in person, via phone,

e-mail, texts-now more than ever before. They need not fear that they will lose me.

I Help My Children Cope Successfully

I find gentle ways to interpret the changes for my children and

coach them on ways to help themselves and learn life skills.

I Help My Children Feel Safe And Hopeful

I act in a way so that my children feel safe and hopeful about the future.

I Protect My Children From My Stress And Fears

I take care of myself, get good advice and support, and reduce my stress.

I do not pass my stress or fears to my children.

I Protect My Children And Keep Them Out Of The Middle

I keep my arguments and frustrations with the other parent

>private and out of the child’s hearing and sight.

I Keep Order And Structure

I help my children feel a sense of order and security

with a daily routine, eating meals together and house rules.

I Take Time To Play And Talk With My Children

We laugh, play, hang out, listen, talk, and enjoy!

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