and Custody & CoParenting Solutions is the online presence for Custody & CoParenting Solutions (CCPS) with services for education, publications, and consultation. CCPS services take a fresh look at the challenges families face today incorporating the shifts in family patterns, family law, and the latest brain research on how we learn, manage stress, change, and emotions. The newest CCPS publication is the award winning book, The CoParenting Toolkit. You may also read and download current articles and tips for parents.

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A Brief History
Formerly known as the New Family Center, CCPS was founded in the 1970s by the current Director, Isolina Ricci. It began with counseling and specialized frameworks for divorce and coparenting, providing divorce workshops and seminars for parents and a process for developing custody, visitation, and parenting agreements—now known as Parenting Plans and family mediation. By 1976, it was offering professional training through the Center as well as universities, local, and national organizations. In 1980, the first edition of Mom's House, Dad's House: making shared custody work was published. It memorialized the initial frameworks and concepts that the author had developed with the New Family Center, some of which have now become accepted standards. The Notes at the back of the first and second editions give a more detailed account of this development. Mom's House, Dad's House for Kids was published in 2006. The CoParenting Toolkit, the award winning CCPS Publication, continues to break new ground.